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Amino Acids

We have the biggest selection of amino acids available through wholesale in the UK. We purchase all of these amino acids in bulk from the manufacturers so that we can offer the entire selection out to our retail partners at the lowest possible trade prices. 

We distribute amino acid powders and tablets from brands like BSN, Grenade, NXT Nutrition, Nutrend, Optimum Nutrition, PhD and USN. We also sell amino acid drinks like the incredibly popular Nocco BCAA and NXT Nutrition's Amino Fuel 1000ml.

 Browse through our full offering of Amino Acids below and check out the trade prices. If you are looking for some recommendations for which amino acids to stock then call us on 01733 232994 Opt.2. We will be more than happy to let you know which amino acids are providing popular in businesses across the UK.

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    Applied Nutrition BCAA Amino Hydrate 1.4kg

    RRP: £79.99 VAT: 20% Offer: Free Vit C Capsules 100 tabs & FREE Water Jug 2.5ltr

    BSN Amino X 1kg

    RRP: £55.99 VAT: 20% Offer: Special

    BSN Amino X 435g

    RRP: £41.99 VAT: 20% Offer: Special

    Medi Evil Berseker V2 300g

    RRP: £29.99 VAT: 20% Offer: **New** & Buy 4 Get 1 FREE

    Muscle Pharm Glutamine 300g

    RRP: £29.99 VAT: 20% Offer: Buy One Get One Free (order as normal and we'll double the quantity)

    Nutrend BCAA Mega Strong Powder 500g

    RRP: £34.99 SRP £25.99 VAT: 20% Offer: Free Nutrend Shaker

    Nutrend Whey Amino 10,000

    RRP: £23.99 SRP £17.99 / RRP £61.99 SRP £45.99 VAT: 20%

    NXT Nutrition Amino Fuel 12 x 1000ml

    RRP: £40.00 RSP £30.00 VAT: 20% Offer: Buy 4 Get 1 FREE

    USN BCAA Power Punch 400g

    RRP: £43.99 VAT: 20% Offer: 20% off & Buy 12 Get 12 2.2ltr Jugs FREE

    USP Labs Modern BCAA+ 536g

    RRP: £49.99 VAT: 20% Offer: 25% off & FREE USP Labs Shaker

Showing 80 Item(s)

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