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Barebells are one of the most exciting and innovative functional food brands to hit the UK over recent years. Following on from their hugely successful launch at BodyPower Expo 2017, the Barebells Protein Bar is quickly becoming a favourite in all stocked locations.

The Barebells Protein Bar is stocked by anyone who sells grab & go items ranging from convenience stores to gyms, and from specialist sports nutrition stores to leisure centres.

The low sugar, high protein Barebells Protein Bar has taken the protein bar to a whole new level. It is the new standard. It's proving popular among business owners because as soon as a customer has tried one, you can be assured that they will be back again soon to bulk purchase.

The Barebells Protein Bar comes in three incredible flavours:

- Caramel Cashew
- Coconut Choco
- Cookies & Cream

Make sure you head over and follow Barebells UK on Instagram.

We will soon be launching a range of new Barebells functional foods to the UK so stay tuned for further information.

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    Barebells Protein MIlkshakes 8 x 330ml

    RRP: £19.92 Offer: Buy 3 cases Get 1 box of Barebells Protein Bars (Caramel Cashew) FREE

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