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[1] You will be sent leaflets with your orders throughout October to hand out to your RocketRide customers. These leaflets will explain a competition where your customers simply need to tag @rocketrideenergy and your own Instagram page for a chance to WIN a £250 voucher to spend with you. 

But you can win even more than that!


[2] How does it work?

RocketRide will announce three lucky winners on November 30th and we will notify you beforehand if they are a customer of yours - allowing you to announce the winner at the same time. 

Muscle Finesse Wholesale will then give you a £250 credit on your account so that the winner can have a free shop worth £250 in your store. You can spend that credit on any products we stock.


[3] And on top of that; You will also receive £250 of free RocketRide stock. 

That is 19 tubs. 19 x £24.99 = £474.81 of free money for you!

There is no MOQ. Simply order some RocketRide this month and get those leaflets handed out to increase your chances to win.


Good luck!


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