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Battle Oats & Bites


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2014: The year they created a product we were proud of.

Battle Oats founders, Kevin and Shaun, looked around the market in 2014 and decided that there wasn't a single protein bar out there which they considered to stand tall both nutritionally and also taste great. They were young and a little out of their depth, but they decided to go it a lone and make something different.

They found a family-run bakery that shared their vision

Kevin and Shaun started Battle Oats with no help. No venture capitalists. No consultants. No office. Just two best mates both willing and broke. But driven by passion, belief and a strong work ethic. This led them to find a family-run bakery that shared their vision.

First came.... Battle Oats.

The first bar launched was the Battle Oats. A high quality protein flapjack with low sugar. While their Photoshop skills have been improving, so has the packaging. And the latest version of the Battle Oats Flapjacks look incredible and really do ensure pick-up from your customers as they walk by.

And most recently... Battle Bites

These are AMAZING. The Battle Bites are a High Protein, Low Sugar bar which are covered in a low sugar milk chocolate. Made here in the UK in their family-run bakery, the Battle Bites taste simply delicious and look amazing on the shelf.  


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    Battle Oats Flapjacks 12 x 70g

    RRP: £23.86 Offer: New Formula & New Packaging

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