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Valupak Odourless Garlic Oil | 2mg 180 Capsules

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The effect of garlic on helping to maintain a healthy heart and circulation as part of a balanced diet is well recognised. Garlic has been considered as a healer for a long time and research has shown that it can help to protect the body against high blood pressure, cancer and heart problems. It is important to maintain good cardiovascular health to help your body to cope with ageing, illness and the pressures of everyday living. 

Garlic is a concentrated source of many nutrients including potassium, B and C vitamins, calcium and protein. All of these play a part in keeping you feeling and looking healthy. 

Since these capsules are dissolved in the intestines and not in the stomach, this supplement can give you all the benefits of taking garlic without the unwanted after-taste of 'garlic breath'. 


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