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A lot of athletes have at some time had stomach-churning experiences in connection to competition. What do we mean by this?

We know it is not enough to just look at the fluid in-take during long physical activities, but also energy supplements in the form of carbohydrates.

The choice of carbohydrate is essential if you are to achieve your best results and avoid stomach problems. If you choose a carbohydrate which is well broken down i.e. a short molecular structure such as sugar or glucose syrup, the possibility of experiencing stomach problems is increased. On the other hand if you choose a carbohydrate which is of similar structure to starch i.e. a long molecular structure like you have made a winning choice.

To explain this more simply, the more broken-down a starch is the higher osmolality it has in a water solution. Osmolality affects the stomach in such a way that a high osmolality gives a slower rate of passage through the stomach. Besides that water is retained in the stomach longer as a high osmolality binds water to it through something called osmotic effect.

Solutions that have a lower osmolality than blood are called hypotonic. The more hypotonic a solution is the quicker it passes through the stomach into the intestine where energy uptake occurs. It is also possible that a low osmolality can have a beneficial effect working as a pump into the blood stream.

Vitargo has the lowest osmolality on the market that gives an ultra-hypotonic solution.

Vitargo minimises the risk of stomach problems and yet is a winning choice in the hunt for quick energy!

Osmolality results are given in mOsm/kg
These results were achieved by mixing the products in distilled water. This was done because tap water's hardness varies and can affect the osmolality values by about 5 - 15 units.Recommended carbohydrate concentration in a solution during activity is 5-8%. Note that Vitargo CL has a lower osmolality at 15% tthan Maxim Original has at 5%.

Loading / re-loading
Clinical studies at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden, shows that Vitargo loads and re-loads carbohydrates more effectively than ordinary sport/carbohydrate drinks. The explanation as to why Vitargo is so much better than the others differs according to different researchers, but the fact remains that Vitargo is the quickest and most effective way to reset the energy balance in the body.

Those who first noticed the difference between Vitargo and other carbohydrate supplements were athletes in physically demanding endurance sports such as triathlon, marathon, cross country skiing and cycling. They found that they lasted longer, recovered quicker and the number of infections and over training symptoms decreased.

In other words if you try Vitargo products once, then you're locked. Elite athletics is all about winning, with focused training and Vitargo you have all the tools you need for success.


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