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Vitarade EL Fueled by Vitargo has been developed for the leading high-performance athletes in order to ensure that they could easily absorb the most effective available energy accumulated in the form of muscle glycogen. Vitarade EL Fueled by Vitargo contains a patented macromolecular carbohydrates that its structure similar to a molecule of glycogen.
The advantage and the advantage of macromolecular carbohydrates contained in Vitarade EL fueled by Vitargo is a low osmolality compared to other forms of carbohydrates such as glucose, fructose, sucrose and maltodextrin, commonly found in other products of carbohydrate. Osmolality is associated with the presence in solution of osmotically active substances such as conditioning transport of fluids and nutrients to and from the tissue, or the speed of gastric emptying. The higher the content of individual particles of osmotically active substances in solution (electrolytes, glucose, maltodextrin, etc) the higher the osmolality. 


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