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L-Glutamine is a nutrient found in the food we eat and, more importantly, is an Amino Acid that serves as a building block for protein in the body. The many functions of L-glutamine have been discovered through over 45 years of intensive study, some of these functions are:

  • The metabolism and maintenance of muscle
  • The primary energy source for the immune system
  • To repair the cells that line the gastro-intestinal tract

L-Glutamine has also been shown to aid the immune system during times of ill-health. This is part of the reason why the product has become so popular with competition body builders during pre-contest dieting periods, when overall calorie content may be.

The muscles become starved of Glutamine directly after a weight training session and can accept very large amounts (up to 10-20g) of Glutamine powder. This has been shown to increase the hydration of a muscle cell (In a similar way to creatine). It is essential that L-Glutamine be taken on an empty stomach. As various internal organs have far more urgent need for L-Glutamine, much of the powder taken will be fed directly to these alternative, far hungrier and more vital parts of the body. To maximise the amount of Glutamine reaching the muscle cells, it is important to take it on an empty stomach, with water.

Who would benefit from using L-Glutamine?
Particularly popular with dieting body builders, L-Glutamine is a great supplement to take on an empty stomach to ensure optimum absorption. However, anyone with a compromised or weak immune system would benefit from using L-Glutamine.


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