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Valupak Multivitamins & Minerals | OAD 25 Tablets

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Multi Vitamin & Minerals as vitamins are natural substances that your body needs to enable it to grow, function and develop healthily and normally. Vitamins are found in food and if you eat a well balanced diet you can get all the vitamins you body requires. During pregnancy, childhood, and certain illnesses your body requires more vitamins than normal to help keep your body healthy and fight infection. Multivitamins are taken by people who need extra vitamins, who cannot eat enough food to obtain the required vitamins, or who cannot receive the full benefit of the vitamins contained in the food they eat.
Minerals are also required by the body to keep it healthy and due to pollution, food preservatives and food transport, many people lack the essential minerals they require. Minerals can help with the body's metabolic rate, controlling blood sugar levels, brain function, a healthy immune system, help make bones strong and healthy and fight infections in the body.
Multivitamin & Mineral tablets are specially balanced to meet the nutritional needs of adults.
Multivitamin & Mineral tablets contain a wide range of vitamins including vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D and E, together with the minerals iron, zinc and iodine.


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