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Syntrax Super Chain Amino | 180 Capsules

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From Syntrax, a brand synonymous with products that work, comes Super Chain, Syntrax's new BCAA supplement that redefines BCAA supplementation to allow for lower doses to be used for an optimal effect. Super Chain is the BCAA supplement of choice for increasing recovery rates from exercises and accelerating muscle growth.

  • Promotes Muscle Recovery
  • Optimizes Muscle Growth
  • The most potent BCAA supplement available
  • 4x the potency of other BCAA products at 1/4 the dose
  • Full 60 Day supply makes it economical

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are often used in order to reduce muscle breakdown and increase muscle growth; however, they only provide mediocre results and require large doses. Super Chain™ renders all other BCAA-type products obsolete. It optimizes the body’s anabolic and recuperative processes by utilizing a revolutionary new branched-chain amino compound that delivers four times the results of traditional BCAA products with only 1/4 the dose. Why choke down 10–20 g of a BCAA supplement for middle-of-the-road results? Super Chain™ only requires a few grams and delivers powerful, noticeable, real-world results.

1. What is Super Chain™?

Super Chain™ uses a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) derivative called leucic acid to help promote muscle growth and recovery.

2. What makes Super Chain™ different from other BCAA-type products?

Although similar to BCAAs, Super Chain™ is BCAA technology taken to the next level. Other BCAA-type supplements require 20–40 pills per day with individual doses being up to 10 pills at a time. An entire day’s worth of Super Chain™ (3–6 pills) is smaller than a single dose of many competing products and delivers drastically superior results.

3. How can Super Chain™ be so much more effective than traditional BCAAs when the dose is so much smaller?

Super Chain™ only contains leucic acid (also known as HICA). Simply put, leucic acid is the compound that makes BCAAs effective in regard to muscle growth and recuperation. When leucine (the only anabolic BCAA and the primary ingredient in nearly all BCAA supplements) is metabolized, it is broken down into a variety of chemical substances called metabolites. Most of these metabolites have virtually no beneficial effect on muscle recovery and  growth. Leucic acid, however, assists both of these areas.

4. Has any research been done to support Super Chain™ and its effects?

Yes. Numerous independent studies have been conducted which demonstrate that Super Chain™ technology safely helps to increase muscle mass and support muscle recovery in the real world. 
5. What about the cost of Super Chain™?

No matter how you compare Super Chain™ to traditional BCAA supplements, the results are clear. Super Chain™ costs less per dose than its competitors; more importantly, when cost-to-benefit ratios are compared, Super Chain™ is drastically cheaper than any BCAA supplement on the market. In fact, it’s so much cheaper, it’s hardly a comparison at all.

6. Who should use Super Chain™?

Super Chain™ is ideal for anyone who wants to increase their recuperative abilities and build muscle mass, such as fitness enthusiasts, athletes and bodybuilders.

Leucic Acid vs. Leucine
One of the key differences between Super Chain and traditional BCAAs is the difference between leucine and leucic acid. BCAAs contain leucine, which is a branched-chain amino acid itself. When it is metabolized, leucine breaks down into a variety of compounds called metabolites.

Only one of these metabolites, leucic acid, can generate the benefits to muscle growth and recovery that BCAAs claim to offer. Since leucine breaks down into many compounds, though, even a very large dose of a traditional BCAA yields only a tiny amount of leucic acid.

Super Chain contains leucic acid itself, so users get a much larger dose of leucic acid in many fewer pills. Even better, leucic acid reaches the muscles unmetabolized, so each dose yields the greatest results by reaching the muscles unaltered.

Super Chain only requires 3 pills per day (1 pill per dose) to achieve its goals. With BCAAs, it would be virtually impossible to take enough pills in a single day to equal the amount of leucic acid in a day's worth of Super Chain.

Even only taking 3 pills per day, a Super Chain user will see noticeable results in as little as 3 weeks and dramatic results as soon as 4 weeks.

Research on Leucic Acid
A recent study on the effects of a 1.5 g daily dosage of leucic acid on athletes during training found that:

+ -Subjects taking leucic acid gained substantial lean muscle tissue, while the placebo group saw a significant loss in lean muscle tissue.
+ -Subjects taking leucic acid reported drastically reduced, if any, pain and stiffness associated with delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). The placebo group reported normally high levels of DOMS symptoms.


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