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SmartShake V2 800ml | 800ml Clear/Black

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The ALL new improved SmartShakeV2 XL 800ml Capacity

  • New improved lid with built-in strainer. 
  • Easier to twist off the containers.
  • New Larger container perfect for weight gainers and larger serving powder

SmartShakeV2 XL 800ml now has one large built-in compartment allowing you to store larger servings of nutritional supplements. For example protein, creatine, vitamins, capsules, pre and post workout products and now larger serving high calorie weight gainer. With SmartShakeV2  XL 800ml you can store anything you like all in one convenient container.

At each SmartShake™ is a handy keychain. Perfect for hanging locker keys or your gym card on during a workout.

  • The strainer is used to mix the powder with liquid have been optimized and given a revolutionary new conical design.
  • SmartShakeV2 XL 800ml is made of toxic free plastic and is free from BPA and DEHP.
  • SmartShakeV2 XL 800ml is produced in a durable plastic that can withstand freezer, dishwasher, microwave and hot drinks.
  • The design is developed to be smooth and compact. With both serving containers is SmartShake still no bigger than a standard shaker.
  • SmartShakeV2 XL 800ml holds 800l ml and the one bottom container holds a massive 250ml.
  • Invented and designed in Sweden.


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