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Pro Tan Quick Bronze Gel 2oz - Dark Brown Posing Gel | 2oz

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For that dark, healthy, rich tan in seconds use Quick Bronze®. Exclusive waterproof, non streak product formulated with rich moisturizers and guarantee's an extra smooth, easy application with just one use. This product is designed to be used before pre-judging. No oil needed with this product, as it already contains a soft sheen that looks perfect!

Helpful Tips
  • Use over our Pro Tan® Competition Color
  • Apply just prior to going out on stage for best look
  • Use light pressure to rub in product for darker color
  • Do not use any oil with this product, already contains sheen
  • Wipe off after use with a paper towel or cotton cloth

Product Highlights
  • Delivers a deep dark tan in seconds.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Pro Tan® Competition Color
  • Soft sheen that the judges prefer
  • Designed to be used just before pre-judging the day of show
  • Wipes off with a towel after use
  • Contains rich moisturizers


Nutritional Information