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Pro Tan Competition Accelerator with Bronzer 8fl oz | 8fl oz

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Advanced sun bed tanning lotion designed to give you the perfect dark, natural tan while toning and tightening your skin after each use. Exceptional moisturizers keep your skin looking it's very best during carbohydrate depletion. This tanning bed lotion is designed to give you the deepest darkest tan, while also moisturizing your skin. Performance Brands has been manufacturing tanning bed lotion for nearly 20 years.

Helpful Tips:
  • Apply in tanning room just prior to entering tanning bed
  • Use a high quality moisturizer before and after tanning bed to keep skin hydrated
  • If prepping for bodybuilding or fitness and/or figure event start indoor tanning in a tanning bed four weeks prior.

Product Highlights:
  • Dark Tanning 4x Tanning Intensifier
  • Flawless, Streak-free Instant Bronzing Blend
  • Aloe Vera Based
  • Moisturizes Skin While Tanning
  • Skin Firming Complex with Caffeine and L-Carnitine
  • Coenzyme A and Q
  • Will give you a great bronze color


Nutritional Information