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An unusual carbohydrate drink – with a noticeable effect.

Vtargo CL has been specially developed to meeet the demands and needs of elite athletes. This unique carbohydrate Vtargo CL is the complete carbohydrate supplement, which is most effective when loading carbohydrates before competition, as a sport drink during training/competition and last, but by no means least, to restore the energy balance after training/competition. Clinical studies at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm has proved this.

Maximum endurance through carbohydrate loading

It is widely known that a lack of glycogen negatively affects one's physical endurance level. One quite simply can not keep up with the pace and intensity of a whole training session. A basic well-balanced diet is fundamental to a sportsman's performance. But for those who train and compete a lot, it is difficult to satisfy his/her need for easily accessible energy (carbohydrate) through their normal diet. This is where Vtargo CL comes into the picture.

Vtargo CL allows the body to load carbohydrates in a suitable way.

If one weighs 70-75kg dietitians recommend 600g of digestible carbohydrates a day, for the last three days prior to competition. This would require the athlete to eat around 5kg potatoes or 2,5kg boiled pasta per day. With hand on heart, could you manage that?

With Vtargo CL you are able to eat your normal amounts of food and at the same time load carbohydrates to the body's maximum level.

Optimum training through reloading
Ensuring the right energy balance is important for both the elite athlete and the enthusiast. A body that does not receive enough energy is more susceptible to infections and over-training symptoms. What is most important is reloading the bodies carbohydrate stocks (liver and muscles) within ½ - 1 hour after training/competition.

Vtargo CL is the ultimate supplement in these situations since one can quickly and easily take in carbohydrates together with a liquid. The carbohydrate in Vitargo®CL™ has been shown in studies by the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm to be 70% quicker in reloading glycogen levels after training/competition than other sport drinks.

Keep up the tempo through the entire race

Vtargo CL is a sport drink for you that demand a lot of your body. During work the body needs 1 – 1½g carbohydrates per hour per kg of your body weight to keep up the blood sugar level (if the blood sugar level drops, concentration and speed are affected). Drinking a carbohydrate solution is the best way of retaining the right level, if you weigh between 70 – 75kg you should drink a 75g packet of Vtargo CL every hour.

Vtargo CL has the benefit of passing through the stomach quickly and therefore gentle on the stomach during an activity.


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