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NXT Nutrition Protein Matrix 1.8kg | Strawberry

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Protein Matrix is a time released protein blend fortified with digestive enzymes designed to give you an instant and sustained supply of amino acids that is easily absorbed.

Whey protein is a fast absorbing high quality source of amino acids, however, by itself whey is only really suited to being used first thing in the morning or directly after training. This is because the amino acid release starts to diminish just 30minutes after drinking whey.

During the day time your body needs a constant supply of amino acids, at this time whey protein on it’s own will not be suffice.

Protein Matrix provides the benefits of whey proteins but we have also added slow release proteins to give a sustained release of amino acids more closely mimicking foods. NXT have also added digestive enzymes to Protein Matrix to make it easier to digest.

We have added Glutamine Peptides and BCAAs to Protein Matrix to boost the pool of these vital amino acids ensuring the highest quality of protein available.

Protein Matrix is designed to be used during the day or evening time as a high protein food supplement.


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