NXT Nutrition Amino Fuel RTDNXT Nutrition are a brand well known for their innovation and they have out done themselves once again, as well as set a whole new standard for intra-workout ready-to-drinks in the process.

The Amino Fuel 1000ml contains 8g of BCAA, 2g Citrulline Malate, is SUGAR FREE and contains only 40kcals per bottle!


Forget about the jugs

There has been a market trend for the past 12 months which has seen gyms missing out on a huge amount of sales as the big jugs took over. Gym members have been using these to bring in their own drinks but that is now changing. The huge 1ltr Amino Fuel brings this business back to you, the gym owner. 

The large and brightly colour bottles look incredible when spread out across the gym floor and the feedback which we're receiving is that this is having a contageous effect. They have become the drink to have and the large bottles are becoming the new trend. This is showing with the number of pallet deals going out to independent gyms each week.

Become a stockist

If you'd like to give them a trial run then you can order some cases from our NXT Nutrition Wholesale page, but we do have an excellent pallet deal available to order by phone.

Call us on 01733 232994 Opt.2 if you're interested in hearing more about the pallet promotion.