Here are the Top 10 New Products from September so far!

It's definitely been a busy month here at Muscle Finesse Wholesale. We've had some fantastic new brands and products joining us and here we take a look at the Top 10.

Let's take a look at the latest products (in no particular order).....


1. Now distributing Dr Zak's

Dr Zak'sWe are extremely excited about this one! We are proud to be the new UK distributor for Dr Zak's. We've launched with some of the key lines and these include the Protein Cookies (you must try some of these!), the Peanut Butters and the Protein Pasta.




2. Two New Flavours of Nutrend Carbo Drinx 750ml 

Nutrend Carbo DrinxThe Nutrend Carbo Drinx 750ml became our top selling carbohydrate drink within it's first few months of arriving so this news is going to prove popular in gyms throughout the country. The Carbo Drinx are now avaiable in Blackcurrant, Lime, and the two new flavours, Blue Raspberry and Fruit Punch. 




3. NXT Nutrition Amino Fuel 1000ml in Summer Fruits is here!

NXT Nutrition Amino Fuel 1000mlThe biggest amino drink on the market is now available in three amazing flavours. The Amino Fuel is a 1000ml zero carb, zero caffeine, and high amino drink which is proving an incredible success throughout the UK. Now in Blue Raspberry, Orange and Summer Fruits!




4. Applied Nutrition L-Carnitine Liquid 3000 & Green Tea is launched

Applied Nutrition L-Carnitine LiquidL-Carnitine Liquids are becomg a new trend and the demand is increasing month on month. This new product from Applied Nutrition is sure to be a success and it will make a great addition to your supplement offering.




5. Proteinium Pork Scratchings have arrived

Proteinium Pork ScratchingWe always love increasing our convenience offering here at Muscle Finesse Wholesale and especially when it's something totally different. These 70% protein, zero carb and low fat Pork Scratchings are certainly different to your regular protein bar and that's why they are proving so popular. Increase your offering this month and give these a try.




6. Grenade Carb Killa Spread. The Bar in a Jar.

Grenade Carb Killa Spreads WholesaleThe Carb Killa name is one of the most recognisable in the industry and the products are most definitely the most in-demand. The Carb Killa Spread is sure to follow in the footsteps of the Bars and Shakes and become a market leader.




7. MilkyWay Protein Bar launches.

MilkyWay Protein BarsMars have been increasing their range of protein bars on a regular basis over the past year and it now consists of the Bounty, Mars, Snickers and the brand new MilkyWay. These bars on average contain 19g of protein and only 10g sugar, which is much lower than their original versions!




8. Battle Oats Cookies Now in Mocha Choc Chip

Battle Oats Cookies in MochaBattle Oats are a brand on the up! Their flapjacks are becoming established as one of the market leaders, and their Cookies are sure to follow suit. Following on very shortly after launching the new Lemon Drizzle Cookie, they have today launched a new Mocha Choc Chip flavour!




9. PhD Pharma Whey HT+ 908g now available in Cookies & Cream

PhD Pharma Whey HT 908g Cookies CreamThe PhD Pharma Whey HT+ has been one of our top selling protein powders for the past few years and it's great to see a new flavour being added to the range. Make sure you add a unit or two of the new Cookies & Cream flavour to your cart the next time you come to stock up on your Pharma Whey.




10. USN launches new Wheytella flavour for the 100% Whey Protein 2.27kg

USN Whey Protein in WheytellaWe love a new flavour, especially when it's something a little bit different! After iniitally sampling it at the BodyPower Expo back in May, USN have decided to launch the brand new Wheytella flavour based on the incredible feedback they received. If you like trying out new flavours then give this one a try!