Introducing the bar with a difference

The RAW Bar

Why is it different? 

Take a look at the ingredients....

All of the bars contain natural dried dates to hold the bar together. Apart from that they only contain two ingredients.

The Cashew/Apple bar contains only Cashews and Apple. The Cocoa/Cranberry bar contains only two ingredients: Cocoa and Cranberry. The Apricot/Almond bar contains only Apricots and Almonds...... ok, you get the idea.

There are no additives, no gluten, no added sugar, no preservatives. Nothing. Simply pure, RAW ingredients.

The world is going crazy for bars with raw ingredients.

This is where the demand is shifting and this is why the RAW Bar is the one to watch in 2018.

It's time to add a new bar to your range. It's time to add an alternative to the standard protein bars or cookies.

The RAW Bars will increase your product offering perfectly just as this new trend is starting to take place.


MFW Tip: Sell @ £1.25 or 2 for £2 - Watch as they fly off the shelves!

The RAW Bar is available in 6 all natural flavours:

  • Apricot & Almond
  • Cashew & Apple
  • Cocoa & Cranberry
  • Cocoa & Hazelnut
  • Fig & Papaya
  • Goji & Strawberry

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