Selecting the right products to fit your shelves can be a challenge. Selecting the products which will ensure optimal sales can be even more so. We can help.


How it works... 

Tell us the width and depths of your shelves, and how many shelves you have in total.

We will create a proposal of what items to stock and how to display them.

Selecting the right products.

All retailers have the same things in common. Limited shelf space and limited footfall. It is important to convert as much of this footfall into paying customers, and that these customers return time and time again.

Several questions need to be answered when taking on new products.

[1] Will this product stand out on my shelves and say "pick me up" to all passer-bys?

[2] Will the consumer know what the product is without having to be 'educated' or have the benefits explained by a member of staff.

[3] Does the quality of the product mean that your customers will want to buy it again?

[4] Are you receiving your desired margin on that particluar line?



How we put your shelf plan together.

Tom Matthews, a Senior Sales Executive here at Muscle Finesse Wholesale, has helped dozens of retail outlets optimise their shelf space.

Here are some thoughts from Tom:

"Businesses are not confident buying in lots of new items all at once. It's easy to look at an online image and think that something looks great, but without looking, touching, and tasting a product you can't be 100% sure. 

Another issue which many businesses run in to is that it's difficult, if not impossible, to make the best use of your shelf space without knowing the size of the products that you are ordering. 

This is where we can help."

I asked Tom how he helps businesses optimise their shelf space.

"Once I'm aware of the space which needs filling then I'll measure out the products which will work well within that business, and then put together a shelf plan.

Different factors are considered when decicing on which products will work best. But the main ones are reviewing the previous purchases from that specfic customer and looking for items that will complement their top sellers. And in addition to that I take a look at what has been selling well in similar business across the UK."



What to do now.....

Get in touch directly with Tom using the email address below. Let him know the measurements for your shelves and how many you'd like help with filling. 

tom [at]