The Black Friday Sale HAS ENDED

Well, that is Black Friday all done and dusted for another year. We hope everyone had a great week!




The Muscle Finesse Wholesale Black Friday Sales have began!

Get yourself fully stocked up now so that you can start passing on these incredible promotions to your customers early next week.



Let's start by looking at these spend deals......



For Every £250 Spent

Get all of the below FREE (The full NXT Nuclear range!)

1 x TNT Nuclear Extreme 240g SRP £24.99

1 x Nuclear Burn 120 Caps SRP £22.99

1 x Nuclear MPS 600g SRP £34.99

1 x Nuclear Glyco-PWR 1.05kg SRP £27.99

1 x Nuclear Shutdown 60 Servings SRP £29.99

TOTAL SRP = £140.95!


For Every £250 Spent

Get 4 cases of PhD Amino Drive RTDs (48 Cans) FREE


For Every £500 Spent

Get 10 cases of PhD Amino Drive RTDs (120 Cans) FREE


Spend Over £300

Get 54 x Mega Shaker, 24 x 400ml Blue Shaker, 12 x SL:M 30 Caps



We will add all of your free gifts after you place your order.


Now you have seen the SPEND deals....


We also have some full BRAND promotions.

We have a 4+1 on the entire Nutrend range.

All of the USN Clothing range is on a Buy One Get 1 FREE

There is 10% off all of Pip & Nut 

And... the full collection of House of Pain clothing is available at hugely discounted prices.


AND NOW.... Let's take you to the product promotions!