There are New Low Calorie Sauces & Dressings on the block.

And you're going to love these!

Say good bye to glassed bottle sauces, and Hello to the SQUEEZY Callowfit.




These incredible new Low Calorie sauces & dressing.....

 - Come in a upside down, squeezy bottle. Just like your favourite Ketchup!
 - Cost only [LOGIN TO VIEW PRICES] and Sell for £3.99. 
 - Zero VAT
 - Between only 1kcal and 5kcal per serving.

A little bit from Callowfit:
"Our sauces are made of natural raw ingredients, such as tomato, salt, pepper and spices, which have been gently cooked and cooled."

CALLOWFIT® sauces not only look like real sauces and dressings – they also taste that way.

Try them and see for yourself!"

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