Every once in a while a product comes a long which you know is going to change everything.

This is that product.

The world's first carbonated sugar free protein drink has been launched and it's called P.15.


What is P.15?

P15 sugar free protein drink provides you with 15g Protein and 50% of the recommended daily allowance of energising B Vitamins.

With 0g of sugar and just 68kcals, P15 is ideal for busy people that want a flavour burst while keeping unwanted calories to a minimum.

All this in a light and refreshing, fully carbonated drink that tastes just like any diet soda!


Three fizzy and amazingly refreshing flavours

The P15 Sugar Free Protein Drink is available in:

 - Cola

 - Crazy Orange

 - Lemon & Lime


We expect the P15 to move fast. 

People like to try new things. People like innovation.

P15 is the first of it's kind to launch and we expect the demand to increase rapidly


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