New CNP products


New CNP products available.

CNP Pro Bar Protein provides 23g of protein per bar and only 258 calories. Available in Lemon Mousse or Vanilla Choc Chip.

Pro Ultimate Mass is CNPs new nutrient dense all in one mass gainer Each serving contains 54g of protein, 78g of carbohydrates, added vitamins and minerals, as well as Creatine, HMB, Beta alanine and a wide range of other muscle building ingredients.

Pro Ultimate Flapjacks are CNPs new great tasting high protein treat.Triple Chocolate Chunk is perfect for chocolate lovers with a chocolate flavoured caramel layer, dark chocolate chunks and a milk chocolate coating. Salted Caramel & Nut has a caramel layer, roasted peanuts and a milk chocolate coating meaning they hit the mark on both taste and nutrition.

CNP Pro shake Protein is a great tasting ready to drink protein shake providing a huge 37g of protein per 475ml bottle, with no added sugars and virtually zero fat. It's also high in BCAAs, quick & convinent and it helps support muscle growth.

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