Moose Juice 250ml - Buy 5 get 1 FREE

Moose Juice 250ml - Mojito

Moose Juice 250ml has landed!

Wow, we are excited about this!

There has been a rush recently among the brands to see who can bring out the strongest amino-in-a-can but Moose Juice have approached this new version in a different way.

The Moose Juice 500ml has already won the race for a strong amino drink (200mg Caffeine per serving) so it seems that Moose Juice have set out with three different goals in mind;

 (1) Appeal to as many people as possible,

 (2) Be the most refreshing drink on the market for the summer, and

 (3) Offer an excellent formula which everyone is comfortable with drinking.



They have nailed all three.

With an incredibly refreshing Mojito flavour, a lighter and softer looking branding on the can, as well as containing Zero Sugar, Added BCAAs and a reduced amount of 100mg of Caffeine.  

How much does the Moose Juice 250ml cost?

You'll need to login and head over to the Moose Juice wholesale page but you're going to be pleasantly surprised. There isn't another protein or amino drink on the market which comes close.
We have the Moose Juice 250ml on a Buy 5 Get 1 FREE launch promotion so now is the time buy in your first cases.

We predict big things for the Moose Juice!

If you have any customers who may be put off by the amount of caffeine in the other amino drinks (180mg+) then the new Moose Juice 250ml will make the perfect addition to your range.