The fight back is on.

2018 is going to be a year to remember for the big drinks. Gyms across the UK are fighting back against the Jugs and bringing their drink sales back in-house. Have you joined them yet?

[photo of Amino Fuel in a gym]


The top selling BIG DRINKS.

(in no particular order)

1. Low calorie, intra-workout.

The Nutrend Carnitine Activity Drinks with Caffeine 750ml

A refreshing ready-to-drink beverage without sugar containing L-carnitine (1000 mg) with the addition of energizing substances such as caffeine and taurine. This drink is ideal for supporting your physical performance. It effectively helps to maintain the important hydration during a workout.






2. The high calorie, energy drink.

The Nutrend Carbo Drinx with Caffeine 750ml

Energy ready-to-drink sports drink with a content of carbohydrates, available in blackcurrant or lime flavour. It is an ideal solution to keep your body hydrated. Due to an effective mixture of saccharides, formed by disaccharide Isomaltulose (source of fructose and glucose) – PalatinoseTM, sucrose and glucose, it helps to supplement energy during an intensive exercise. It is enriched with vitamin C, ginseng extract and guarana extract. The total carbohydrate content is 7-9g per 100ml (depends on flavour).





3. The huge 1litre, sugar free, amino drink.

The NXT Nutrition Amino Fuel 1000ml

A huge 1 litre bottle containing only 40Kcal. A sugar free and refreshing amino acid formula which is the perfect intra-workout solution for those looking for to consume some added aminos. These brightly colour bottles look amazing when spread right across the gym next to each peice of machine where someone is trying. They are known to have a contageous affect - when somebody sees another member drinking one, they also want to get involved!