Battle Oats was founded by Kevin and Shaun in 2014 and has since then been made in a family run bakery right here in the UK.

We have an excellent relationship with the Battle Oats team and are extremely excited to launch their newly designed flapjack and packaging today.


On trend, fast growing brand.

The Battle Oats team have been working hard on reducing the sugar content and improving the design. Take a look at this amazing new look.

These are sure to grab the attention of your customers and guarantee to be picked up.



Strong repeat sales

These really do taste incredible and they need to be tried to be believed.

Once you're customers have tried one, you can be sure they'll be back time and time again.

New Flavour! New Flavour!

To mark the release of their brand new packaging, the team at Battle Oats have released a brand new flavour!

Introducing.... Cookies & Cream.


Become a stockist

The first batch of the new and improved Battle Oats Protein Flapjack has landed at our warehouse. And you can become a stockist today by heading over to our dedicated Battle Oats Wholesale page.