Top Sellers You Haven't Heard Of Before.


You see the market leaders everywhere you look. The Grenade, Nocco, USN, and Barebells of the world. Big brands with mammoth sales. The experts who are innovating and leading the way.

But there are products selling in the background. Top selling products which don't have much marketing power behind them.

The products which might not become your number one selling product. But ones which are building a loyal customer base and driving repeat business in all stocked locations. Items which will become a popular secondary item tagged on to the big brand products.

Here we take a look at 10 top selling lines which you may not have heard of before.

In no particular order.

(10) Dr Zak's Free Range Liquid Egg White's

Gone are the days of having to separate the egg yolk from the white. No more mess and no more hassle.

 Display and Store them on your regular shelves at room temperature. The customer then stores in the fridge once opened.


(9) Peak Body Kaffeine Kick

We've distributed Peak Body for over a decade. The Kaffeine Kick has been a good seller throughout that period. These caffeine based Shake n' Take bottles have built up a loyal following in gyms throughout the UK. The packed a serious punch!

(8) Muscle NH2 Protein Flapjacks

At only 49p per Flapjack and Zero VAT, it's no wonder these are selling well. 18g of Protein, a low price, and a great taste keeps the customers returning.

(7) Callowfit Sauces

Vegan, Gluten Free, Zero Sugar and Low Calorie Sauce. No other sauce on the market gets close on quality with regards to the taste or branding. It's a low value item to keep in stock but yet it keeps pulling your customers in time and time again to re-buy. A must have for all retail stores.


(6) ICON Nutrition BCAA Zero

A brand famous within CrossFit circles. Visit any Box in the UK and you are likely to find someone wearing an Icon T-Shirt and sipping from a can of the caffeine infused Icon BCAA.



(5) NXT CBD Oil 30ml

There hasn't been an explosion in demand for any other category quite like CBD. Being used by the masses to help with long term ailments, or the gym go-er to assist with recovery. An on-trend product which everyone is giving a go.

(4) PROGO 53g

The protein shake in a glass bottle. Despatched on a pallet to ensure no damages happen in transit. ProGo Protein Shake sells well in all locations due to the unique packaging and the 50g protein content.

(3) Proteinium High Protein Pork Crunch

Most brands are attempting to capture the Vegan market. Proteinium are positioning themselves to be different. And they couldn't have done it any better. These high protein pork scratchings bring something unique to your offering. 

(2) Performance Meal

Sealed, long-life ready meals with a difference. Performance Meals are high protein and can be stored at room temperature. Clear some space near your other food items i.e protein bars and make way for these meals. You'll pull in the local lunch crowd.

(1) Neat Bar

A vegan bar which tastes incredible. A small, start-up brand which is building a loyal following, and fast. The branding looks great and many stockists are tipping them to be the next big thing. Definitely worth a try.