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Gorilla Wear Functional Gym Towel - Black/Red

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qSupports retaining muscle while reducing Fat.



Due to our GW functional towel YOUR gyms days are now getting even better! The functional towel is versatile in several ways and can be your new gym buddy. The towel is made up of the best material to take in moisture when it is needed. It can be laid over the bench or used to dry your sweat during or after an intense workout session. The towels feature`s our awesome Gorilla Wear logo on the front as well as a functional flap to keeps the towel in place when used on a bench or any other flat surface. Let us help you to stay motivated in the gym or wherever you need it; as we develop all our items with only that in mind.

Functional Gym Towel sizes: 50x100cm / 20x40 inches

Quality: 100% cotton. Knitted


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Gorilla Wear Functional Gym Towel Black/Red | One size