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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

As a food & drink distributor, we will be continuing to operate throughout the ongoing situation. We are maximising remote working and have implemented a strict Protect & Respect policy at the MFW Warehouse. Learn more about what we are doing to ensure the well-being of all of our team members and customers below.

  • All members of our team are washing hands or using hand sanitiser when entering the building
  • Hands are being washed regularly throughout the day and before using any communal spaces or equipment i.e staff rooms.
  • Unused meeting rooms have been converted into additional staff rooms to allow for significant personal space on breaks
  • Using hand sanitisers when moving between zones offices/warehouse.
  • Everyone is keeping a 2m distance between each other at all times
  • All face-to-face meetings have been cancelled. Phone and email-based only.
  • No touching of other peoples workspaces or equipment
  • Everyone is responsible for cleaning their own workspace and equipment throughout the day.
  • Limit time spent in doorways or other walk routes.
  • Strictly staff only in the building