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CNP Pro Mass 908g | BBE 03/17 Vanilla

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Description CNP Pro-Mass contains ingredients of the highest quality and is the ideal formula for those who are looking to gain lean muscle mass but struggle with a fast metabolism or poor appetite. Although some mass gainers can cause a bloating feeling as your body struggles to digest them, this is does not happen with the Pro Mass as it is low in saturated fat and lactose.

Containing a precise blend of undenatured filtered whey and micellar casein for their anabolic and anti-catabolic properties, Pro Mass will provide significant improvements in recovery time and muscle growth. It is well known that your body does the majority of its recovering while you are sleeping so it is vital to provide it with a constant supply of protein throughout the night, and the inclusion of micellar casein makes this the ideal night time drink.

It is recommended that if you want to make serious gains in muscle mass then you should be consuming 6 meals each day but let’s be honest that is much easier said than done. CNP Pro Mass is an easy and convenient way to get the additional calories in to your body and is often used 2 or 3 times daily, normally mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and then before bed.

Pro-Mass Contains:

Made from natural corn starch, Maltodextrin is the most popular carbohydrate used in energy products due to its easy digestibility, neutral taste, and rapid absorption.

Considered vital for good gut function, Fibre is an indigestible carbohydrate that passes through the digestive system relatively unchanged.

Cold-processed Whey Protein Concentrate
CNP's whey protein has been cold processed to retain key fractions in their native states that may be affected by other processing methods.

Micellar Casein
Due to its slow releasing nature, Micellar Casein has anti-catabolic effects as it will be providing a steady supply of amino acids into the muscles allowing them to continuously repair and grow.

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT)
Medium chain triglycerides are easier to digest and more readily used for energy than other fats.


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