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CNP Pro Glutamine | 500g

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Description Glutamine has fast become a product with a stand-alone reputation, and with very good reason. This is a reputation built on results and backed up by much medical research, something that can be claimed about few supplements. The most abundant amino acid in human muscle tissue, glutamine use is strongly indicated in periods of trauma and stress.

Post-surgical conditions, wasting diseases such as cancer and trials involving stress responses to exercise, have all come up with the same results, i.e. massive depletion of glutamine. We also know that low carbohydrate diets can have a disastrous effect on glutamine reserves, a point that deserves more than a little consideration by any athlete who has to restrict carbs or make weight. Glutamine's depletion due to gluconeogenesis during prolonged exercise is also well documented (this is where it is used to keep blood sugar levels stable), as are the subsequent indications for use by endurance athletes. Likewise, power athletes have also been shown to suffer from low glutamine levels, demonstrating that glutamine depletion is not solely carbohydrate dependant. Uptake of glutamine by the gut, liver and kidneys as an energy substrate is the most likely culprit in these circumstances. 

Pro-Glutamine is made from only the purest glutamine available and is not to be confused with inferior glutamine products. Remember that gaining muscle is about the constant battle between the body's anabolic and catabolic processes. Pro-Glutamine can help tip the balance in the right direction.


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