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Vitarade EL fueled by Vitargo was designed for elite athletes to provide them easily assimilated energy source stored in the body as the muscle glycogen. Vitarade EL fueled by Vitargo contains patented high molecular mass carbohydrates, that have a similar structure to glycogen

The greatest advantage of high molecular mass carbohydrates contained in Vitarade EL fueled by Vitargo is their low osmolality in comparison to other forms of carbohydrates, such as glucose, fructose, sacharose or maltodextrin, commonly used in other carbohydrate supplements. Osmolality is connected to the presence of osmotically active substances influencing fluid and nutrients transport from or to the tissue. Moreover, osmolality influences gastric emptying rate. The higher concentration of single molecules of osmotically active substances (electrolites, glucose, maltodextrins etc.), the higher osmolality. Solutions of high osmolality slow down fluid and nutrients digestion from intestines, and lower the gastric emptying rate as well. Vitarade EL fueled by Vitargo provides high molecular mass carbohydrates, so the number of molecules in solution is low, therefore solution osmolality is low. Moreover, low osmolality of Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo increases fluids transport from intestines to working tissues securing the proper hydration of the body.


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