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Breakfast just got better.

The team at FUEL10K are a passionate bunch who are committed to making your breakfast better and your mornings easier.

We are stocking the three key FUEL10K lines and the recognisable branding is helping encourage customers to reach for the shelves. Our feedback from retail stores across the UK is that the strong shelf presence and the low price point is quickly turning FUEL10K in to one of their fastest moving ranges.


What FUEL10K say about their Breakfast Shakes...

"We’ve done the thinking for you as far as breakfast is concerned, so you can get on with whatever challenge is waiting out there. Each Breakfast Drink has 20g of Protein, along with a good source of fibre, in a handy carton that means you can fuel up on the go."



What FUEL10K say about their Cookies...

"Our strawberry and white chocolate oat cookie is as delicious as it looks, with white chocolate pieces generously sprinkled for a super flavour hit. Not only are our wholesome oat cookies high in protein, high in fibre they are also low in sugar. It’s the perfect snack to have during your busy day."


What FUEL10K say about their Peanut Butter...

"Our easy to use, no mess pouch means no more scraping the bottom of the jar. Just squeeze and pour over your favourite breakfast or snack. A good source of protein with no palm oil and no added sugar, you can enjoy our smooth Peanut Butter on-the-go, whenever you need a great tasting snack full of nature’s natural energy."


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