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Block Head

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Get your energy from chewing!

You can now get your energy from your sugar-free chewing gym!


The brand new, caffeine-based and sugar free Energy Gum by Block Head has landed here at Muscle Finesse Wholesale. This has arrived alongside the revolutionary Vitamin Gum!


Energy Gum


Available in 12 x 5pc and 12 x 10pc.
Flavour: Peppermint


 - Works in only 5 minutes
 - 0% Sugar. Zero Calories.
 - Fights Fatigue
 - 1 Pack is equivalent to 4 cups of coffee


Vitamin Gum


 Available in 12 x 10pc.
Flavour: Lemon


 - 0% Sugar. Zero Calories.
 - Vitamin A
 - Vitamin B6
 - Vitamin C
 - Vitamin D

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    Block Head Vitamin Gum

    RRP: £17.99 / £1.99 VAT: 20% Offer: Buy One Get One FREE

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