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New Brands - We've reviewed them, so you don't have to.

New Brands - We've reviewed them, so you don't have to.
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New Brands - We've reviewed them, so you don't have to.

We've taken on lots of new brands, and have decided to review them, so you don't have to...

In no particular order...


BEEPS Popped & Puffs

From Popped to Puffs, these delicious snacks are bursting with flavour and delicious amounts of taste with each bite!

Includes BBQ, Salt & Pepper, Cheese, Salt & Vinegar and Sweet Chilli. 

Abakus Foods Seaweed Crisps

Not like the normal seaweed from the sea!!!

But in super tasty snack form... These Abakus Foods Seaweed Crisps offer a real scrumptious crunch, coated with the best flavours - Cheese, Salt & Vinegar and Sea Salted.


Start exploring your wilder side with Chikas Snacks. A range of delicious crisps and nuts bursting with lots of different flavours.

Each flavour offers a great hint of flavour infusion. Check out, Chikas Nut Mix, Smoked Almonds, Sea Salt & Black Pepper Cashews, Wholegrain Crisps and last but not least, Plantain Crisps.


Cawston Press 

 Fizzz... Whilst the weather is started to get warmer, what's better than opening a cool can or carton of pressed fruit with a little fizz.

These drinks from Cawston press offer such a wide variety of delicious flavours from Sparkling Orange to Summer Berries. Go check out the range!


Eat Real Snacks 

Now if you're looking for a simple snack, but with lots of flavours… Eat Real Snacks are for you.

With all these snacks made from natural ingredients, you can't say no! Includes Hummus, Lentil, Quinoa Crips and Veggie straws too!



Go on... Be Brave with these high in protein and fibre vegan treats! From Roasted Pea's to Chickpeas, we are loving the spicy to sweet variety in these snacks.

Includes Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt, Sweet Chilli, Salted Carmel and finally Sea Salt and Vinegar.


The Snaffling Pig Co

A range of piggin' good pork based snacks - all naturally high in protein. Includes Spicy Chorizo Bites (like mini pepperami's), Pork Crackling and Pork Puffs. 




We love family recipes, but these aren’t any old recipes, they're nan's tasty recipes! Flawsome! is the drink for the perfect summer, bursting with scrumptious bubbles and flavour.

Flawsome! offers Apple & Rhubarb, Apple & Sour and of course, a personal flavour Sweet & Sour Apple.


GATO Protein 'n' Cream

Now you may have not thought it could be done, but this Protein 'N' Cream cookie from GATO is completely VEGAN!

With a super taste that burst in your mouth, what are you waiting for? Available in Vanilla Cream, Salted Caramel, Peanut Caramel,
and Chocolate Orange... yum!



KetoKeto Bar

The perfect snack is here, and not just here for snack time, you can add this into your breakfast time, lunchtime or dinner, make your own rules. 

This high in fat bar fills you up, so you don't need to snack. Includes Coconut Cashew, Chocolate Hazlenut, Cherry Bakewell, and Banana Bread.



Indie Bay Snacks

Get your hands on some indulgent but healthy pretzels from Indie Bay Snacks. Offering a light and crips crunch to your day! Includes Chocolate versions too!



Love Vegan

Calling all vegans... and non-vegans of course (if you like to dabble) we have the perfect snack bar for you.

With a juicy amount of zest and flavour, you can't deny these aren’t good! Includes Protein Bars and Bites, with lots of taste.




NAKD Chocolish Big Bite and Nudies are here! These wonders are perfect especially if you're a big chocolate lover!!

Oh and let's not forget they are completely vegan. Curb your craving's and dive in with these new go-to snacks. Includes, Double Chocolate, Peanut, Raspberry and so many more!



Mallow & Marsh

Now if you're a Marsh Mallow fan, but trying to stay healthy, don't look any further. This exciting new recipe is between 79 - 138 calories per serving, what a treat! 



Native Snacks

Want to get wild and native? Try these sweet and spicy snacks, with a hint of zest and tang! If you didn't think snacks were getting any better you haven't tried Popped Lotus Seeds!



NOVO Nutrition

Curb those cravings with a variety of protein crisps, protein bars and wafers, what more could you want from a brand?

Each product bursts with flavour and excitement, but still helping towards that gain day! We also love that the Protein Break Bar is – gluten-free!




Perk up with Perkier! Here you have 3 different bar options with lots of delish nutty, fruity and chocolate flavourings!

Featuring Active Culture Bars, Nutritious Energy Bars and Vitamin Bars!


Plant Pops 

Looking for that perfect afternoon snack? Look no further than Plant Pops Popped Lotus Seeds.

Whilst providing 50% less fat than crisps, they don't scrimp out on taste! From sweet to savoury, your mouth will be full of flavour.



The Gut Stuff

Fibre make's the world go around... does it? Well, it certainly helps!

These Good Fibrations Bars are packed with high fibre, gluten-free and vegan flavours. Includes Apple & Cinnamon, Cocoa & Hazlenut, Raspberry & Coconut and Peanut Butter.



Proper Snacks 

 Proper Snacks Chips and Corn are full of variety in their flavours. We love the corn to chip ratio!

These amazing snacks are perfect for a quick on the go treat. Let’s not forget they are completely vegan!




Trek through that hard day with a quick power, protein or flapjack bar.

With their nutty, chocolate or berry tastes, you will definitely crave another one or two... or dare I say three…




This funky brand offers fun and tasty Dried Slices and Chips - including Mango, Pineapple and Coconut.

Plus big bonus here, they're all organic. We think these are perfect either on their own, or even better add them to a bowl of cereal or yoghurt.




 If you didn’t think it could get any better, Tribe has a Triple Decker Bar with a tasty three layers of divine protein. Get your bar and go!!



Well & Truly 

Now if you pardon the pun, but we are Well and Truly spoilt for choice with these Crunchies from Well & Truly.

With not only providing us with 6 different options of flavour, but they also have 40% less fat than the average crips!



Boost Ball 

Long day? Need a little boost... Boost Ball not only have Protein Balls, but they also provide Keto Bites with so many amazing new inviting flavours, but we also can't get enough. With being made from 7 natural ingredients, you really shouldn't resist them.


23 April 2021

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